Super Vac Trucks

The Overley’s fleet of super vac trucks is ready to service industries and projects big and small with a commitment to providing excellent, on-time service.

Our advantage has always been that we own and maintain our own vehicles, making it possible for us to promptly respond to clients’ requirements, as and when they arise.

When it comes to our super vac trucks, our fleet is made up of multiple types of vehicles, each with unique features that can solve a variety of common waste management problems.

These trucks range from Vactor/Jetter, Hydro-Excavation, and Caustic Liquid Ring units.

Our super vac trucks can accommodate up to 15 cubic yards of debris (3,000 gallons) and provide more than 4,000 CFM at 28” HG., all while controlling emissions.

Over the years, this vast fleet of working vehicles has successfully serviced countless clients and communities across the Southwest. Our experienced team of operators are always on hand to offer expert service and support, ensuring that each and every project is completed in accordance to Overly’s high standards of safety and service.

Our super vac truck gallery

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We help our clients achieve their goals by providing superior waste management solutions through a safe work environment, advanced education, and state-of-the-art equipment for our team members.





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