We Value Safety

Overley’s will not compromise accident and injury prevention efforts to increase profits or productivity

Overley’s employees take responsibility to make safety their top priority while on our projects. Their commitment is to work safely and use all precautions necessary to assure a safe working environment.

As the President of Overley’s, I give our employees the authority to stop any act that appears to be unsafe and I challenge them to accept their responsibility to work safely. I am vested in the health and safety of our employees for them and their family. There is not any project or task that is more important than an individual’s health and safety.

Our goal is ZERO ACCIDENTS on every project. We cannot reach our goal without the participation of each employee. Employees at Overley’s are expected to work as a team when it comes to safety.  I expect each employee to encourage each other and participate in making sure everyone performs their work in a safe environment.

Our employees are the most valuable asset we have. If they are unfamiliar with their environment or unsure of the safety of the task, we empower them to stop work and contact their supervisor.  Accidents occur as a result of lack of communication, information, or knowledge of scope and environment.

Unsafe acts do not only affect the offender but also endanger fellow employees, facilities, and family. We have a Zero Tolerance Policy in place that demands any willful unsafe acts will be followed up with employment termination. We will not tolerate the acts of one that affect the lives of all.

We have a comprehensive program that is a guide to be used in conjunction with Federal OSHA, Arizona OSHA (ADOSH) and our customers’ programs. This is a living document that is subject to be added to if the above referenced documents are more comprehensive.


Dan Porter 

“Overley’s is very close to achieving the prestigious award of Sustainable Safety Culture (SSC), created by Lebaron & Carroll, LLC.  The keystones of the SSC Award are: Strong Leadership, Quality Safety Standards, Diligent Accountability, and Effective Communication.  When a Sustainable Safety Culture is achieved, businesses run more efficiently, employees have greater morale, and everyone is more profitable.”

“The management and leaders of Overley’s have shown a zero tolerance for safety incidents.  Their attitude is stellar when it comes to professionalism and protecting their workers.”

Miranda Fernandez

Safety & Risk Advisor, Lebaron & Carroll, LLC

safety award
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