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Bag-House Unit

  • The unit is a industrial loader/baghouse unit.
  • The debris tank holds 17.79 cubic yards, (3600+ gallons).
  • The unit provides 5500 CFM and 28" HG.
  • The unit self cleans its bag houses & dumps the excess material back into the debris tank, which also allows us to run continuous vacuum. (VR)technology).
  • This bag house unit is one of the quietest super vacs on the market.

Dense Phase Offload System

The latest addition to Overley’s fleet of super vacs is equipped with the dense phase offload system. This is an advanced offloading tool that allows the operator to reclaim, & redistribute valuable material. This innovative system combines pressure offloading with vacuum recovery providing a closed-loop system that eliminates spills. Additionally, the dense phase offloading system allows conveyance of dry material up to 120 feet vertically. This system is ideal for cement or dry bulk powder applications, as well as liquids and sludge. Material can easily be blown back into storage silos, rail cars or other appropriate containers. Vacuum recovery returns any carryover back to the tank closing the loop & upload process.

Vacuum Recovery (VR) Technology

The vacuum recovery system is designed to reclaim carryover from the combination bag house & cyclone while work continues at the hose. Material carryover is blown back to the debris tank. this can be done in 3 different adjustable speeds, according to the type of material being vacuumed. Each bag house is alternately cleaned offline. Discharge air from the blower is directed through the clean side of the bags into the hopper below. The material is fluffed and blown back into the debris tank. removing all material from the system, other than in the debris tank. This is great for cleaning grain elevators/grain dust, because, there is no chance of material building up in the bag houses & an explosion occurring.

Vacuum Recovery (VR) Technology

Liquid Ring Unit

  • This unit is a liquid-ring super vac truck, which allows us to vacuum explosive materials if need be.
  • The tank holds 15 cubic yards of debris (3,000 gallons).
  • This unit provides 4,000 CFM & 27" of HG.
  • The unit vac has self-cleaning cyclones which allows it to clean its self & continuously run vacuum.
  • This liquid ring unit is one of the quietest super vacs on the market.

Liquid Ring Unit

  • This units vacuum is created by a liquid ring pump.
  • The liquid ring pump provides 27" HG vacuum with an air speed of 4500 CFM.
  • The liquid ring pump provides superior performance over similar conventional roots type blower units.
  • The unit can safely vacuum load flammable or combustible materials.
  • This unit is one of the quietest super vacs on the market.

Some of the more common projects that these super vacs are utilized for are as follows:

  • Removal of heavy sludge from tanks & ponds
  • Removal of waste materials from deep depths (100 feet+)
  • Scale(truck and railroad vaults), pit, sump, silo, dry well, wet well, lift stations, pump stations, culvert, catch basin, & tank cleanings
  • Working in the industrial cleaning field (mines, power plants, cement plants, grain elevators, lime & coal plants, water/waste water and water reclamation treatment plants, pulp & paper mills, material processing plants, chemical plants).

Overley’s is ready to tackle any job that you may have!

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