About Overley’s

Overley's Vacuum Truck Service Phoenix AZ

Overley’s Vacuum & Pneumatic Service has been servicing arizona and the southwest portion of the unitied states since 1959.

Overley’s is a small business as well as a woman owned business. Overley’s Vacuum & Pneumatic truck service takes pride in after hours call response.

Overley’s phones are answered 24/7 live by an Overley’s employee ready to help.
  • Well Maintained Fleet.
    Overley’s Vacuum & Pneumatic Service has in-house mechanics working around the clock to keep our fleet on the road. all of Overley’s equipment is on a regular maintenance schedule. Overley’s shop is well maintained & up to osha standards.

  • Safety is Overley’s Highest Priority.
    Overley’s is very concerned with safety. Overley’s has regularly scheduled safety meetings every month. drug & alcohol safety is part of our in-house program. Overley’s uses pre-employment, random drug & alcohol, & post accident testing on all personnel to ensure safety on the road & on the job.


Overley’s Vacuum Service

18616 S. Lindsay Rd.
Gilbert, AZ 85297

Toll-Free: 877-821-5456